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Aug. 14, 2018, Institute for Strategic Studies JPI-Institute for Strategic Studies Roundtable
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Jeju Peace Institute and Institute for Strategic Studies Roundtable Meeting Held

Date : 14:00 pm, Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Place : Institute for Strategic Studies, Ulaanbaatar

A roundtabe meeting was held on August 14, 2018, between the Jeju Peace Institute and the Institute for Strategic Studies of the National Security Council of Mongolia, in order to promote mutual exchanges and cooperation between the two institutes. The Institute for Strategic Studies is widely regarded as one of the most important research institutes in Mongolia in the field of Northeast Asian international relations.

Both institutions agreed to develop the following collaborative activities - Conducting joint research and development project, Cooperation in individual projects, Organization of a joint session at the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, Organization of lectures, symposia, international meetings, conferences, and workshops, Exchange of researchers and students, Exchange of information, teaching materials, technological and scientific publications, Providing opportunities for professors and researchers to give lectures, and Search for opportunities to collaborate in the future.

* Major Participants

Suh Chung-ha, President of Jeju Peace Institute

Jiyun Kih, Research Fellow of Jeju Peace Institute
Youngsik Yang, Team Manager of Jeju Forum Secretariat

Dr. Dorjraa MUNKHTUR, Dean, Institute for Strategic Studies

Bolor Zoright, Researcher, Depatmnt for International and Regioal Policy, Institute for Strategic Studies

Mendsaikhan, Researcher, Institute for Strategic Studies