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Monday, November 12, 2018, Somerset Palace Hotel Seoul 2018 Northeast Asia Plus Community of Responsibility Conference Held
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Under the theme of “Unlocking Potential for Korea-ASEAN Cooperation through Korea’s New Southern Policy,” 2018 Northeast Asia Plus Community of Responsibility Conference was held at Somerset Palace Hotel on November 12, 2018.

South Korea and ASEAN have had a long record of amicable relations historically as equal partners for the past three decades, without having any hidden agenda towards each other or insisting on their own values or principles. Ever since President Moon Jae-In announced his New Southern Policy last year during his tour of Southeast Asian countries, the South Korean government has been working on its details. The main pillar of the New Southern Policy is to promote a virtuous cycle of cooperation between South Korea and ASEAN for mutual prosperity. To this end, South Korea seeks to strengthen South Korea-ASEAN ties through two channels: more extensive bilateral cooperation and more intensive regional cooperation. By making the most of the two channels mentioned above, South Korea will enhance cooperation based on the three pillars of people, prosperity and peace, and ultimately a community for a common future with ASEAN. The New Southern Policy will surely contribute to the development of the ASEAN community, since its three pillars support the politico-security community, the economic community and the socio-cultural community of ASEAN countries. The New Southern Policy will not only benefit South Korea but also ASEAN by diversifying economic partnerships.

For this conference, discussion was focused on the issues mutually concerned about as follows: First, on the development of the US-China relationship and its influence in Asia, in particular the evolving of China’s “Belt and Road Initiatives” and US-proposed “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” strategy Second, ASEAN or Korea-ASEAN joint efforts to contributing to the denuclearization of North Korea and tension reduction on the Korean Peninsula: Third, suggestions that Korea or Korea-ASEAN joint efforts will be able to participate in the ASEAN digital economy initiated by the ASEAN chair of Singapore: and Lastly, suggestions to increase Korea-ASEAN political, economic and socio-cultural cooperation in the future, which will constitute key parts of South Korea’s New Southern Policy.

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