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Research Areas

JPI’s major research objectives are to distribute relevant and timely information to promote peace and cooperation around the world. JPI’s research projects are primarily policy-oriented with a special focus on the themes of peace and cooperation.

Peace Studies

Theme Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula, Survey on East Asian Perspectives on Peace, Development of a World Peace Index
Summary JPI’s research along with collaborative efforts with research institutions worldwide provides a wealth of knowledge on the foundation of peace on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia as well as around the world. JPI has developed a World Peace Index as an empirical tool to measure the effects of diplomatic relations. JPI’s Survey on the East Asian Perspective of Peace measured the effects of subjectivity and various views of peace in relation to the promotion of peace and accomplishments towards peaceful conditions. JPI’s peace research additionally seeks to identify the objective conditions and subjective causes as the prerequisites to maintain and foster peace. These findings are applied to our initiatives and ultimately contribute to the discourse on peaceful resolutions to issues on the Korean Peninsula.

Cooperation Research

Theme Multilateral Cooperation Regime in East Asia, Multilateral Economic Cooperation in East Asia, Stronger South Korean Initiative for Northern Diplomacy(Nordpolitik)
Summary Peace and stability promote international cooperation as well as collaboration among states to enhance peace. JPI research helps stimulate international cooperation in security, economic, and social and cultural areas. JPI researchers seek to understand the influence of international cooperation on systematically enhancing world peace and strive to render it more effective.

Policy Suggestions

Theme Soft Power as a National Capability, Strategies to Facilitate Communication in regards to North Korean Policy
Summary Soft Power is a significant foreign policy tool. We recognize the importance of securing soft power in diplomacy for a middle power country such as the Republic of Korea. JPI’s policy research includes exploring the characteristics of soft power, strategies to enhance soft power, and the effective application of soft power in diplomacy. We also believe that mutual trust and understanding are the basis for successful bilateral relationships. In this respect, JPI’s research examines effective ways for South Korea to forge a domestic consensus on North Korean policy in addition to enhancing communication with North Korea.