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- About JPI - Purpose & Background
Purpose & Background

· To be East Asia’s Regional Cooperative Center for Vision & Practice

· To Create a Peaceful Environment in the Korean Peninsula & East Asia

· To be the Platform for a Peace Dialogue in Order

  to Contribute to World Peace.

The Jeju Peace Institute was founded with three goals: to promote the vision of Northeast Asia as a region of unity and cooperation, to raise Jeju's stature as an Island of World Peace, and to become a leading organization in peace research and programs throughout Asia and the world.

There is a special Jeju term called "Sammu," meaning a lack of beggars, thieves and gates. Islanders didn't steal or beg, leading to the absence of gates and the general atmosphere of trust. However, the island has experienced its share of tragedies. The Jeju Uprising of 1948 left deep scars on the relationship between the island and the mainland government, which have been slow to fade over time. JPI's mission of fostering understanding is not exclusive to international politics, and will help the people of Jeju strengthen their relationship with the mainland.

JPI will promote the use of economic-political diplomacy in achieving stable peace. Our ultimate goal is to become the hub of operations for peace programs on the Korean peninsula and throughout Northeast Asia. We aim to become a principal venue for regional peace talks, and will continue our research into unique, forward thinking peace and actualization strategies. Through peace studies exchange and networking activities, JPI will continue to promote peace throughout the region and the world.