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[2017-1] An Analysis of Current Trends in Terrorism using the Global Terrorism Database By : HAN Inteak (JPI) DATE : 2018-04-10 오후 3:24:55
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In order to protect Korean citizens and firms from terrorist attacks at home and abroad, we need a systemic understanding of terrorism and also effective strategies to
deal with them. Besides, as a global middle power, we cannot ignore terrorism in other
countries and regions. We must understand and respond proactively to terrorism. As a
first step, we need to gather information on terrorism and analyze its patterns and trends.

Based on the Global Terrorism Database, this study has analyzed patterns and trends in terrorism across countries and regions. The results show that risk of terrorism varies significantly from year to year, from country to country, and from region to
region. Similarly, patterns and targets of terrorism also vary greatly. Terrorist attacks have increased in recent years in most cases, and are concentrated in a small number of countries and regions. National and regional variations in terrorism are persistent over time.

I. Introduction
II. Global Patterns and Trends in Terrorism
III. Regional Patterns and Trends in Terrorism
IV. The Ten countries most impacted by terrorism
V. Conclusion​


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