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2018 JPI Joint Research Series - How Jeju Forum Speakers View Peace and Cooperation in 2018: A Qualitative Data Analysis (Korean) By : Han Inteak(JPI) DATE : 2019-03-29 오전 11:14:46
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Using the open-source KH Coder qualitative data analysis program, this study analyzed the speeches, presentations, and comments by Jeju Forum speakers in 2018 in order to learn how similar or different their views were, what issues they were interested in, and what concepts they used in their reasoning.

The Jeju Forum was found to be different from the “typical” regional security dialogue in terms of geographical focus and topics covered. The 2018 Jeju Forum was also different from previous ones in that it covered far more peace issues on the Korean peninsula than ever. In some cases, speakers were found to have common views, focused on the same issues, and/or thought through similar concepts, despite differences in their roles, nationality and cupation. But more frequently, they had different views, looked at different issues, and/or elied on different concepts.


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