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[10-03] Developing A Region: Sketching A Path Towards Harmony (제주평화연구원 공동학술회의 시리즈) By : JPI DATE : 2012-01-05 오후 4:47:04
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2010년 10월 18일(월)~20일(수), 제주평화연구에서 "Aid or Development?: ODA- Lessons Learned and Challenges for Korea"라는 주제로 열린 공동워크숍의 내용을 출간하였음.

 PART Ⅰ Reconciliation: Making Peace with History

Chapter Ⅰ: Best Practices with Reconciliation

Chapter Ⅱ: Reconciliation in Northeast Asia 

 PART Ⅱ NPT: Global and Regional Implications


Chapter Ⅰ: The NPT and Its Global Implications
Chapter Ⅱ: The NPT and Its Implications for East Asia


 PART Ⅲ Aid or Development?
             ODA- Lessons Learned and Challenges for Korea

Chapter Ⅰ: Aid or Development?
Chapter Ⅱ: Achievements and Failures of Foreign Assistance

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