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[11-20] Dialogue for Peace and Cooperation in East Asia (2011 JPI PeaceNet 시리즈, 영문) By : JPI DATE : 2012-03-12 오후 1:48:39
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In 2011, we saw great uncertainties in the realm of international relations, as well as witnessing considerable efforts to address such problem. Despite the ardent efforts, the Six-Party Talks did not make real progress in addressing the North Korean nuclear crisis, which continues to pose a threat to peace on the Korean Peninsula. Europe's financial crisis, which has led to a world economic crisis, is being discussed by major nations desperate to find a solution, which has yet to be hammered out. JPI's new research issues will likely include political changes in East Asia, including the expected reshuffling of leaders in major nations such as Soth Korea in 2012, a rising China, and the USA's shift towards a policy of making Asia its top priority.

PartⅠ Two koreans in the Korean Peninsula

PartⅡ Multilateral Cooperation in East Asia

PartⅢ Global Issues and International Relations

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