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Titles 12st Jeju Forum_Session Organized by JPI_“Public Diplomacy in South Korea-China Relations: The Role of Think Tanks"
Writer JPI  (admin)
2017-05-25 14:07:0

12st Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity_Session Organized by JPI

“Public Diplomacy in South Korea-China Relations:

The Role of Think Tanks”
(Fri. 6/2, 16:40-18:10)

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties twenty-five years ago, South Korea and China have become important partners for each other from trade and investment to culture and tourism. As relations between the two countries grow deeper and wider, it has become increasingly important for the two countries to maintain and foster close and friendly relations not just between the governments but also the people. This session brings together public diplomacy practitioners and experts from South Korea and China to share their knowledge and experiences and envision the role that think tanks can play to understand and trust each other better.


- Co-Chair: PARK Enna (Ambassador for Public Diplomacy, R.O.K), HAN Fangming (Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference / President of the Charhar Institute)

- Discussant: HAN Intaek (Director of Research, Jeju Peace Institute), KIM Jae Chun (Professor of International Relations, Sogang University), LEE Heeok (President, Sungkyun Institute of China Studies), LYU Fengding (Former Deputy Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Office, Co-chairman of the International Advisory Committee of the Charhar Institute), ZHANG Guobin (Former Chinese Consul General in Strasbourg, France / Secretary General, the Charhar Institute), ZHANG Zhongyi (Deputy secretary general, Charhar Institute, Researcher), AN Yiqing (Director, the Shanghai Law Firm Rigby / Researcher, the Charhar Institute)

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