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Jeju, Island of World Peace 컨텐츠
Titles [Jeju, Island of World Peace] (No.1 | February 2019)_Governor Won Hee-ryong’s Message on the 14th Anniversary of Jeju Island’s Designation as an “Island of World Peace”
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Governor Won Hee-ryong’s Message on the 14th Anniversary of Jeju Island’s Designation as an “Island of World Peace”



Won Hee-ryong
Provincial Government of Jeju



As governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, I am delighted to join Jeju’s residents in celebrating the 14th anniversary of the designation of Jeju Island as an “Island of World Peace.” The winds of peace have been blowing across the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia since the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Three inter-Korean summits and the first ever talks between the leaders of the United States and North Korea were held last year. This year is likely to see a second U.S.-North Korean summit and a return visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Seoul. Finally, the two Koreas and the United States are set to eliminate the last remnants of the Cold War and embark on the path of peace and coexistence.

However, we have a long, unforeseeable way to go toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the establishment of a peace regime. It is a daunting task to achieve complete nuclear disarmament, but it is no less difficult to build a peace regime and new order to dissolve the Cold War system. North Korea’s nuclear weapons pose a grave threat to world peace. This is the reason why we need to help the North to disarm itself and join in efforts to establish a permanent peace. For this purpose, inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation are important above all else.


Jeju Province Will Lead Local Governments in Inter-Korean Exchanges and Cooperation.

Jeju Province was the first municipality in South Korea to initiate inter-Korean exchanges, starting with its “vitamin C diplomacy” of donating mandarins and carrots to the North. In November, last year, Jeju resumed the mandarin donations, after an eight-year hiatus, in acknowledgement of a gift of pine mushrooms sent by Chairman Kim Jong-un.


Jeju Will Lead the March toward Peace and Coexistence Again.

First, in accordance with the changes in inter-Korean relations, Jeju Province will redesign the “five plus one projects,” which have been proposed to the North since 2014, and expand its cooperation into the economic sector on top of humanitarian aid. To make the most of the momentum in inter-Korean exchanges, Jeju will perform its due role by inviting North Korean delegates to the Jeju Forum, international sports events and the Global Geoparks Conference.

Second, I hope that the leaders of the two Koreas will reaffirm their determination to peacefully unify the divided peninsula when they visit Mt. Halla on the island, as they did at Mt. Paektu in the North last September. To advance the image of Jeju as an “Island of World Peace”, timed with Kim’s likely visit to Mt. Halla, I will make full preparations to welcome him, along with Jeju residents, to help an atmosphere of inter-Korean reconciliation and peace. The province’s Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Committee will expand its organization to engage in new joint projects with the North as well as implementing inter-Korean projects via the South-North Liaison Office.

Third, the province will restructure the Island of World Peace project. It will also fine tune 17 peace-themed projects, including the Jeju Forum, in accordance with developments so that they take more concrete shape. The province will enhance its brand as an island of peace by completing the Jeju Peace Park project, developing tour routes with the theme of peace and producing tour programs jointly with the North. The Jeju Forum is a venue in which political leaders, policymakers and experts from across the world gather together and exchange insightful views on peace in the world and co-prosperity beyond the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. The 14th Jeju Forum, to be held in May under the theme of “Asia towards Resilient Peace”, will focus its discussions on how to end continuing conflict and build sustainable peace. The peace initiatives suggested and reviewed at the Forum will be utilized in denuclearizing the North and building world peace.


We will Harness the Global Potential of Jeju Islanders through International Promotion.

The Global Congress of Jeju People will be held for the first time in October this year to unite all Jeju natives living across the world to make the most of their capacities to develop the island. The province will assist the Congress in creating opportunities to experience Jeju culture, while upholding the values of peace and human rights. During the Congress, the province will seek to attract tourists drawing on its municipal brand as an environmentally clean island, export Jeju products, invite foreign investment and benchmark outstanding foreign policies. To this end, it will promote further exchanges with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and Pacific Rim Park members as well as strengthen cooperation with other organizations on the island.


On the 14th Anniversary of the Island of World Peace, Jeju Will Take a Leap as a New Island of Peace

President Moon Jae-in said that “peace is the economy” in his address on the 73rd anniversary of national liberation on August 15 last year. It is one of the missions and tasks of the Island of World Peace to contribute to the prevention, mediation and resolution of disputes and conflict around the world. The peace that Jeju pursues is not only meant to resolve international conflicts but also to achieve a “greater peace” that can expand personal freedom, guarantee social justice, pursue economic prosperity and let nature and humans coexist. Jeju will make continued efforts to realize greater peace on this island to foster harmony between people, between humanity and community, and between people and nature to the ultimate end of establishing peace on the peninsula and in the world. I would like to ask my fellow Jeju residents for their interest and support in these endeavors and join us on the path towards a new peace in the era of the peace-economy.


Thank you.


January 27, 2019

Won Hee-ryong, Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province




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